Sacred Creativity
Copyright 2011 Greenly Art Space
2698 Junipero Ave., Suite 113
Signal Hill, CA 90755
(562) 533-4020
Sacred Creativity was a group show that was based on of the idea of art as prayer.
Every Saturday for two months a small group of artists gathered at Greenly to work on their pieces.

Out of this place of community and spirituality came fresh works of art that seemed vibrantly connected without having any proscribed theme.

Above: "Tree" by Cheyene (mixed media- acrylic and collage)
Below: Artists- Cheyene, Jessica, Tania, Janet, Kimberly, James, Kurt, Sarah.
in "God's heart" by Jessica Howard. (Yarn, paper, mirror, stones, keys, door).
"Burning Bush" by Janet Jun.
Kurt Hantzch- Mixed Media Watercolors and Original Writing
"Being: prayer series" by Kimberly Hocking (Mixed Media).
"Sounds of Heaven" (?) by Sarah Choi. Oil on wood. (Below Left)
"Silence/Noise" by James Klein. Melted Crayon. (Above Right)
"God's Heart" by Jessica Howard.

Community Art- this piece was created live during Sacred Creativity's opening. (Video)