This show reflects my soul's journey through the twists and turns of life. It has been a journey of great beauty and also of brokenness both woven together into hope. Hope can be found all around us and in the most unexpected places. We can learn our fragility and the limits to which the willows of our heart can be bent without breaking. We can learn to rest in the embrace of the silence of loss and know that we are held from above. We can come to know hope in mornings which glory even when dead. We can embrace the darkness of pain and as such bring it into the light. The way of hope uses heaviness to open the window of our souls to that which loves at all times and in all circumstances. Hope is a nest where the sorrows of our heart can be reborn to live again and take flight. By the work of our hands, the dreams in our hearts, and the love in our life we can create anew with all that life brings us. We can say, though my heart breaks, ever will I love, ever will I hope.

Kimberly Hocking
Signal Hill, CA
August 6th, 2011
Copyright 2011 Greenly Art Space
2698 Junipero Ave., Suite 113
Signal Hill, CA 90755
(562) 533-4020
Artifacts of Hope
Yarn, found objects
Willow fronds, seed pod, black thread
Morning glory vines, tomato cage, black crochet thread, crochet wrapped pine cone
Morning glory vines, tomato cage, single hung window balance weight, black thread, found objects
Morning glory vines, crochet thread wrapped seed pod, found objects
Morning glory vines, crochet thread wrapped seed pods, found objects
Morning glory vines, crochet thread wrapped pine cone

Palm pod, crochet thread wrapped pine cones
Flight (interior)
seeds, glass jars, Christmas lights, and yarn