This exhibit features artwork memorials created by members of the community in memory of deceased parents, grandparents, friends and mentors.

Many of the pieces of art were created at an artmaking event at Greenly Art Space on May 28th 2011.

The show was on view at Greenly Art Space between June and July, 2011
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In Memoriam
Margaret Creek

I wanted to do something special for Memorial Day because I feel so blessed to live in this country. So many have given their lives so that I can have freedoms like nowhere else in the world. I did not want the day to be lost in BBQs rather than spent in reflection and appreciation. Thank you.
Kimberly Hocking (with sister, Cynthia Berger)

Made in remembrance of my Great Grandma-
Beatrice Donnel Moncrief, BDM
Born Jan 1, 1893- Died July 17th, 1987
She inspired me with her joy in life, love for living, and desire to keep on learning.
“In each and every one of us
A part of you is stored”- Kimberly
Monika Goebel

"My mother, Gertrud Goebel (1923-2010), was born in Silesia, at the Eastern fringe of the German Reich. In 1946, she buried her mother, a hatter and boa-maker. Shortly thereafter, she was put in a boxcar and was displaced from her rural homestead. She rebuilt her life in the urban West, became a wife, a mother of three, and a grandmother of two. Into old age, she honored her heritage at compatriot events by reciting poems in her regional German dialect, e.g., 'Straeselkucha.' (Streusel cake)
The red paisley fabric in my artwork was part of my mother's home sewing stock. It is about 40 years old.
I retrieved it when I flew home for the funeral in September 2010. I matched it with bandanna paisley of my own. I love the roundness, playfulness, and interconnectedness of the paisley design. The constellations of the paisley mirror our common interest in fabric, color, beauty, and the many facets of our relationship. I named my artwork 'Paisley Forever' because I honor my mother by continuing the tradition."

Steve Werlick (1932 - 2010)
Dorte Christiansen pictured

'Abraham & Isaac'
Amy Rex

The person I want to honor is: Carole Jean Segura
My Mother
Born: March 19, 1940
Passed: July 2, 2010

~You are forever with me

Remembering Takashi.

Life’s journey
Is circular, it appears.
The years
don’t carry us away
from our fathers-
they return us to them.
-Michel Marriott
Kurt Hantzsch

My father, Ralph Hantzsch was born on June 10th, 1924. This is how I felt - 2:40 A.M. on Sept. 8, 2009 - the morning my father died.
Ariana Hocking

This piece that I made is to remember Tony, one of our friends at the library. He was a wonderful,
kind, caring, loving person and I feel honored to have known him.
Nathan Hocking

My friend at the Signal Hill Library, Tony, has died so this is what I have done to remember him. These are part of the stairway to heaven. That door up there can only be opened by love, even the strongest person couldn’t open it without love. Tony had love. Here’s one thing about how he loved me- he brought me egg rolls sometimes. After you open the door up there, there is a smaller door. Even if you crouch down low you can’t get through it, there is another thing you need to have- hope.