Last year, while looking through a collection of candid snapshots, I was struck by the quantity of objects that obscured a clear view of the sky in many of the pictures. There were objects which enable our daily conveniences (power transmission, street lights, bridges, cable lines, etc), but which we have grown so accustomed to that we many times don't even notice their presence. The level of infrastructure that these common items represent is sometimes quite mind boggling. I had visited Sierra Leone, West Africa in April of 2010, and was struck by the almost complete lack of infrastructure there, which made it very difficult to do many of the things that we simply take for granted. We have grown accustomed to 'flipping a switch', and expecting something to happen. We expect to 'plug something in', and have it work. To 'hop in our car', and in a few minutes arrive somewhere several miles away. To go to the store, and find whatever we want.

This body of work explores the often ignored infrastructure prevalent in many of the daily activities and objects taken for granted in our culture. These intimate paintings use washes of acrylic on canvas and wood to create color field 'skyscapes'. Layered over these, are common objects and silhouettes related to daily conveniences and the support structures that enable them. The artwork explores the beauty of color, materials and the process of painting, while highlighting the gift of infrastructure, the 'underpinnings' of our daily activities.

David Hocking
Signal Hill, CA
August 6th, 2011.
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